EuroThe PriNoDi herself does not invoice her activities. The activities of the physican invoices he direct with you. For this you will get an invoice from the PVS who takes over the administration activities from the physican. If you have a privat healthcare insurance, you are granting of aid or have a foreign travel insurance normally the insurance company takes over the necessary medical treatment costs.

If you have a statutory healthcare insurance the costs will not be taken over of the healthcare insurance. However you can take your service as well as a self payer.

The costs will be invoiced in according the Gebuehrenordnung fuer Aerzte (GOAE). Depending on complexity, day of week and journey accrue costs round about 155,- €.

If you have your place of residence in Germany you will get an invoice. If you are be visiting from abroad you can pay the invoice local by cash. Alternative you have the possibility to pay by credit card whereby all established credit cards will be accepted.