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The medical emergency service (PriNoDi – 030/85605070) is in a case of an emergency for privat insurance patients and selfpaying patients in Berlin and the neighboring urban hinterland there where you need us.

Why ever you are in Berlin

  • at home

  • for a visit trip

  • in a hotel

  • in the office

if you are ill and you need medical help than you call the medical emergeny service (PriNoDi) under the number

030 / 85 60 50 70

and the doctor in charge comes to you where ever you are and treats you local.

Normally we are between 45 – 60 minutes local to treat you. After you called the PriNoDi you will get immediately a call back from the doctor in charge. He will give you first hints how to behave until he will arrive.

If you have a privat healthcare insurance the insurance company will take over the costs of treatment. If you have a public healthcare insurance you can utilize our service also. Indeed you have to take the costs by yourself (normally round about 155,- EUR).

The statutory health insurance does not take over the costs for a privat medical treatment.

If you are from abroad for visiting you can also use our service. If you have a foreign travel insurance normally your insurance company takes over the medical treatment costs. If you have a permanent residence in Germany you will get an invoice from your physican after the treatment which you can pay by credit transfer.

In case of a life-threatening disorder please call immediately the emergency under 112!